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LX Pantos Logistics offers a comprehensive W&D(Warehouse & Distribution) service for various industries.

W&D Consulting

In order to build an optimized logistics system for all areas of the customer's supply chain management, LX Pantos Logistics carries out analyses on logistics functions, business processes, logistics system and cost, coupled with a differentiated consulting methodology and rich experience in the logistics field to offer an optimal logistics model in line with customer characteristics.

  1. Procedure, method, process

  2. Redesign, rebuild,
    inventory flow,
    overall content
    analysis of the process
    Analysis of logistics functions
    Internal/external logistics, packaging, storage, unloading, transportation/delivery, information, management
    Business structure analysis
    Net worth business Non-value-added business Wasted work
    Logistics cost analysis
    By area, by function, by purpose, by product, by customer in order of profit, in order of high logistics cost, etc.
  3. Re-engineering & RestructuringOnline real-time management integration, synchronization, SCM(Supply Chain Management)

  4. Calculation of an optimal logistics model that reflects customer characteristics

LX Pantos Logistics' exclusive
global network
based on consulting experience
in various industries
Logistics consulting across the
entire supply chain of the

Support for customers to allow
them to focus on their core business

  1. 1. Integrated
    global SCM
  2. 2. Logistics level
    diagnosis and
    improvement consulting
  3. 3. Logistics
    quality control

LX Pantos Logistics strives to create customer value and continuously strengthen competitiveness based on experience in all areas of the logistics business.

Areas of consulting

LX Pantos Logistics' areas of logistics performance

  1. Production
    1. Material
    2. VMI
    3. Production
    4. Warehouse
  2. Transportation
    1. Trucking
      to departure
      point of export
      to arrival
      point of export
  3. Sales
    1. Warehouse
    2. Shipping
      to customer
    3. Installation/
Direct shipping
Key industries
  • Electronics
  • Chemicals
  • Healthcare
  • Cosumer Good
  • Clothing
  • Machinery
  • Construction​
  • Automobile

Consulting process

  1. STEP. 01Consulting request and
  2. STEP. 02First contact and
    consultation with customer
  3. STEP. 03Preliminary diagnosis and
    on-site checks
  4. STEP. 04Proposal drafting and
  5. STEP. 05Proposal briefing
  6. STEP. 06Content editing and
    verification, contract
  7. STEP. 07Diagnosis and consulting
  8. STEP. 08Interim and final report
  9. STEP. 09Evaluation and follow-up

Contact Person

W&D Solution Consulting
Overseas Warehouse/Distribution
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