LX Pantos

Health and Safety

We are committed to being a responsible total logistics company through more systematic sustainable management activities.


Response to Climate Change

Under the recently enacted Carbon Neutrality Act(The Framework Act on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth), companies have an increasing responsibility to adopt green management.
LX Pantos Logistics strives to actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout all its logistics operations.


Climate Change Response System

LX Pantos Logistics promotes a low-carbon, green logistics management system by establishing mid-to-long-term response strategies in line with national energy and climate change policies such as the ‘Nationally Determined Contribution’ and the ‘2050 Carbon Neutrality’.

  • Implementation of the Emission Trading System

    Organization of a response system for the emission trading system

    Advanced monitoring of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Promotion of Projects to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Introduction of high-efficiency center facilities

    Expansion of new & renewable energy supply

    Discovery of local/overseas emissions reduction projects

  • Establishment of An Eco-Friendly Culture for All Employees

    Employee education on climate change

    Low-carbon footprint culture campaign

    Use of eco-friendly products

  • Promotion of The Global Green Logistics Market

    Optimized development of international transport routing

    Use of eco-friendly transportation services

Key Activities

  • Excellent Green Logistics Company Certification

    By assessing the practical management scope and management system of eco-friendly logistics activities relating to logistics facilities and transportation methods, we have attained certification as an excellent green logistics company that contributes to the spread of eco-friendly logistics activities in the country.

  • ISO14001 Certification

    We constantly improve our environmental goals and comply with the global standard requirements and procedures related to the ISO14001(Environmental management systems).

  • Response to Energy/Greenhouse Gas System

    In accordance with the Framework Act on Low Carbon, Green Growth, we have been participating in emission trading system as of 2020. By establishing we manage the greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption of all distribution centers.

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