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We provide global air freight services that deliver our customer’s shipments safely to the final destination.

LX Pantos Logistics Air,
connecting time and
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A leader in global air logistics, LX Pantos Logistics handles over 1,400 cargo planes of air cargo per year, and flexibly responds to the rapidly changing aviation market through strategic alliances with major global airlines and private jet operations, etc. We provide optimal service by securing reasonable freight rates that result in customer satisfaction, as well as a stable supply of freight space throughout the year.

Standardized basic service provided on a regular basis

LX Pantos AIRECONOMYT/S and consolidated shipping
(T/T 5 to 7 days)
  • Standard economical air service

  • Bulk cargo management by regional hub

  • Air freight cost optimization service

LX Pantos AIRBUSINESSDirect express delivery
(T/T 2 to 3 days)
  • Effective schedule management through direct flights

  • Flexible schedule management of urgent cargo

  • Cargo tracking and monitoring in advance

LX Pantos AIRPRIORITYSpace and schedule guarantee shipping
(T/T 1 to 2 days)
  • Guaranteed freight space and schedule

  • Selection of the fastest flight and route

  • Thorough freight management via cooperation with airline

High-end service that provides differentiated value and benefits as compared with basic service

LX Pantos AIRBLOCK CHARTERProcurement of air freight space
in advance
  • Excellent response to flight operations risks

  • Advance procurement of stable space and freight rates

  • Operation of regular schedules for key routes(the Americas, Europe, China, Japan, etc.)

LX Pantos AIRREGULAR FULL CHARTERRegular air cargo charter
  • Many years of experience and competency in regular charter operations

  • Able to secure flexible space and actively respond to market conditions

  • Easy to secure space in advance during peak season

LX Pantos AIRONE-TIME FULL CHARTERNon-regular air cargo charter
  • Provision of a differentiated new route to overcome restrictions

  • Operated by our air freight subsidiary(HELISTAR AIR CO., LTD)

  • Optimized solutions based on the analysis of various transportation methods

Specialized service provided for special purposes or according to item characteristics

LX Pantos AIRHIGHTECHSpecialized transportation for high-tech cargo
  • A dedicated team for handling high-tech cargo

  • Customized micro transportation management and establishment of security processes

  • Dedicated facilities and equipment(TAPA certified)

LX Pantos AIR PROJECTSpecialized transportation for large cargo
  • Expertise on the transportation of plant/project-related equipment and materials

  • Timely / safe transportation by securing the optimal transportation mode for each type of equipment

  • Establishment of an efficient transportation plan through consulting

LX Pantos AIRBATTERY Specialized transportation for batteries
  • Optimal transportation service based on specialized battery SOP and know-how

  • Various battery transportation references and portfolios

  • Solution finding for irregular circumstances

LX Pantos AIRDGSpecialized transportation for dangerous goods
  • Professional air transportation service for dangerous goods based on know-how

  • Optimal transportation solution for each IATA DG class

  • Ex-ante risk analysis and contingency response system

LX Pantos AIRBIOSpecialized cold chain transportation for pharmaceuticals
  • Providing active/passive packaging solutions tailored to temperatures
    (Refrigeration, Freeze, Deep Freeze, Cryogenic Freeze, etc.)

  • Having GDP-certified temperature controlling facilities(Refrigeration/Freeze) and equipment

  • First logistics company in Korea to acquire CEIV Pharma

  • 24/7 real-time transportation monitoring

LX Pantos AIRALIVESpecialized cold chain transportation for live animals / fresh food
  • Specialized transportation know-how for each item and its condition

  • A diverse portfolio with specialized SOP for live animal transportation

  • Provision of an optimal transportation route according to characteristics of the live animal

LX Pantos AIRGLOBAL CONNECTGlobal freight brokerage services
  • Integrated management of services via our own global network

  • End-to-end transportation service by a dedicated team

  • Comprehensive logistics solutions through consulting with local experts

LX Pantos Logistics'
Air Freight
  • One-stop air freight solution based on massive freight volumeService stability based on No. 1 rank in domestic export volumePricing competitiveness through a dedicated freight pricing team
  • Global operational know-how Air logistics operation and service by dedicated teams for over 1,700 global customersOperated by our subsidiary specializing in BSA/charter flights(HELISTAR AIR CO., LTD)
  • Aviation partnerships and cooperative systems Establishment of collaborative systems with global airlines and airline forwardersConclusion of integrated service contracts and space priority agreements, etc.
  • Aviation assets and certifications Operation of TAPA certified Incheon Airport Logistics Center, the largest in KoreaFirst in the world to receive the IATA Excellence in e-Freight certification, etc.
  • Aviation IT system​ End-to-End Visibility provided through a dashboard in real time(Pantos View)Real-time end-to-end visibility via dashboardDigital forwarding platform(PantosNow), etc.

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