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At LX Pantos, we are doing our best to gain the trust of customers and partners, so as to create a better society.​

Operation Programs

LX Pantos operates the following programs to fulfill Jeong-Do Management.

  • Jeong-Do Management Operation System

    To conduct systematic and unified activities to fulfill Jeong-Do Management, LX Pantos operates the Ethics Office dedicated to Jeong-Do Management as well as relevant groups in its overseas subsidiaries. The company also operates the Management Diagnosis Team which removes obstacles to market leadership and LX practice and regularly analyzes the creation of outcome by internal organizations and support improvement of competitiveness.

  • Jeong-Do Management Training and Promotion​

    Jeong-Do Management training programs tailored to job categories and titles are provided to eligible employees of the company, and employees are required to take Jeong-Do Management training periodically. The training is being expanded to employees at overseas subsidiaries. LX Pantos endeavors to establish a Jeong-Do Management culture through training and Jeong-Do Management promotion activities.​

  • Jeong-Do Management Site Operation

    LX Pantos operates the Jeong-Do Management web site and bulletin board to provide information about Jeong-Do Management to employees. Through the efforts, LX Pantos prevents violations that may occur due to being unaware of LX Code of Ethics and addresses inquiries about Jeong-Do Management.

  • Pledge to Practice Jeong-Do Management​

    LX Pantos' employees sign the "Pledge to Practice Jeong-Do Management" online every year to make sure that they comply with LX Code of Ethics and practice Jeong-Do Management. The partner companies also submit the pledge to show their commitment to the practice.

  • Ethics Hotline System

    LX Pantos runs an ethics hotline system to receive reports about cases where an employee violates Jeong-Do Management or engages in corruption and unethical practices. Not only employees but also any person concerned can report through online, mail, fax, and other means. LX Pantos endeavors to root out employees' corruption and unethical practices and improve unreasonable systems and business processes.

  • Declaration of Receiving Gift System

    LX Pantos employee is strictly prohibited from receiving money or entertainment from stakeholders at any rate. Especially, the receipt of congratulation and condolence money and other personal gifts is strictly banned. When a LX Pantos employee received money, gift or congratulation and condolence money from stakeholders unavoidably, he/she shall return it after reporting to the company according to the Declaration of Receiving system or contribute the same to a social welfare group when return is not available.​

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