LX Pantos

Rail Freight

Based on the No. 1 volume of shipments it covers in Korea, LX Pantos provide differentiated rail freight services, taking it to the next level.

LX Pantos connects Asia and Europe through railroads.

For many years, LX Pantos Logistics has accumulated know-how on inland rail transportation service spanning across Russia, CIS, Europe and Central Asia regions. We pursue service optimization by establishing companies and branch offices in major transportation hubs to offer competitive pricing and a higher level of service.

Standardized basic service provided on a regular basis

LX Pantos RAILB/TBlock Train
  • Minimization of lead time(Direct service to destination available)

  • LX Pantos Logistics' exclusive B/T schedule configuration and management

  • Provision of information such as real-time cargo location and status

LX Pantos RAILLCLLess-than Container Load
  • Reduction in shipping costs through optimized freight consolidation

  • Flexible freight space

  • An alternative solution to Ocean LCL freight

  • Provision of information such as real-time cargo location and status

High-end service that provides differentiated value and benefits as compared with basic service

LX Pantos RAILEXPRESSGuaranteed punctuality
  • Punctuality secured by guaranteeing lead time

  • Establishment of KPI management system to resolve punctuality issues

  • Various on-time response and reward programs

Specialized service provided for special purposes or according to item characteristics

LX Pantos RAILDGTransportation of dangerous goods
  • Professional transportation service of dangerous goods based on know-how

  • Provision of optimized solutions for IMO Class dangerous goods

  • Excellent problem-solving and solution-finding skills

  • Fully equipped with various facilities and standard operating procedures for hazardous

LX Pantos Logistics'
Rail Freight
  • One-stop solution based on comprehensive consulting and infrastructure
  • Professional know-how on the handling of massive freight volume in Europe and operational logistics in the CIS region
  • A dedicated operational team comprising of railroad experts
  • In-house block train configuration and departure service(booking control system in operation)
  • In-house 20,000TEU SOC container
  • Express customs clearance due to the self-clear license
  • Being capable of operating a customs bonded warehouse and rail freight terminal
  • Operating regional bases via its corporations within the major CIS region

Contact Person

Rail-Transport Sales
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