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Sea Freight

We provide economic and reliable maritime logistics services through our unparalleled negotiation skills and capability vis-à-vis shipping companies based on the largest freight volume in Asia.

Connecting the world,
LX Pantos Logistics,
the center of maritime

LX Pantos connects customers and global markets by covering the large volume of goods transported, worth the 6th rank of sea freight globally and the 1st rank of air freight domestically. LX Pantos is committed to optimizing supply chains for our customers through digital-based, distinguished services. By building strong cooperative relationships with liner shipping companies around the world and using strategic preferential service contracts, as well as shipping company-specific services, LX Pantos Logistics provides the safest and fastest customized transportation service for customers.

Standardized basic service provided on a regular basis

LX Pantos OCEANFCLFull Container-Load Shipping
  • Customized solutions for transporting various types of cargo

  • Stable procurement of freight space and prompt shipment

  • Strong negotiating power with shipping companies based on massive freight volume

LX Pantos OCEANLCLSmall Cargo Shipping
  • Partnerships with a wide range of consolidated shipping agencies

  • Fast / safe transportation via a global network

  • Integrated transportation services such as real-time tracking and management

LX Pantos OCEANDRY BULKDry Bulk Shipping
  • Professional dry bulk transportation know-how(3.6 million tons per year)

  • Thorough end-to-end quality control

  • Customized solutions and contingency plans

LX Pantos OCEANLIQUID BULKLiquid Bulk Cargo Shipping
  • Liquid bulk transportation know-how(2.7 million tons per year)

  • Stable delivery management through high laycan compliance rate

  • Stability and transportation solutions for customers through self-charters

High-end service that provides differentiated value and benefits as compared with basic service

LX Pantos OCEANCHARTERRegular/Non-regular Charter
  • Guaranteed stable freight space during the contracted charter period

  • Available for various types of cargo

  • An emergency alternative in the event of a shipping container shortage

LX Pantos OCEANSPACE GUARANTEEGuaranteed Freight Space
  • Concluded service contracts with all maritime alliances

  • Thorough management through strategic partnership with shipping companies

  • Shipment schedule and freight space guarantee

LX Pantos OCEANSERVICE GUARANTEEGuaranteed Priority /
Preferential Service
  • Quick loading support through equipment guarantee

  • Priority shipping / priority unloading

  • Reduction of lead time based on service guarantee

LX Pantos OCEANEXPRESSExpress Shipping
  • Rapid emergency cargo handling based on operational know-how

  • Shortened route and shipping service suggestions for each sub-segment

  • Partnerships with shipping companies of different regional strengths

LX Pantos OCEANMPV CHARTERTransporting Chartered Multi-purpose Ships
  • Providing solutions when there is a shortage of freight space in a container or equipment on the ship

  • Keeping shipping/stocking cargo on schedule by chartering a ship accordingly

  • Reducing lead time on the sea by saving time for standby on docking

Specialized service provided for special purposes or according to item characteristics

LX Pantos OCEANTEMP CONTROLSpecialized Temperature Controlled Shipping
  • Experts and a dedicated team with experience in transporting temperature-sensitive cargo

  • Real-time end-to-end monitoring based on Smart IoT technology

  • One-stop service from cargo loading, packing, and dismantling, etc.

LX Pantos OCEANOOGSpecialized Shipping fo Extra-Large / Heavy Cargo
  • References from success with various plants and large-scale projects

  • Thorough management by OOG specialists and a dedicated team

  • Provision of consulting and optimal solutions tailored to cargo characteristics

LX Pantos OCEANLIQUIDSpecialized Shipping for
Liquid Cargo
  • Consulting by a dedicated team for liquid cargo

  • Stable supply of exclusive equipment for liquid cargo

  • Optimal integrated solutions using special equipment

LX Pantos OCEANDGSpecialized Shipping of
Dangerous Goods
  • Specialized DG shipping service based on shipping know-how of dangerous goods

  • Excellent problem-solving and solution-finding skills

  • Fully equipped with various facilities and standard operating procedures for hazardous materials

LX Pantos Logistics’
Sea Freight
  • Negotiating power with shipping companies based on massive freight volume Freight volume that is 1st in Korea and 6th in the world(1.65 million TEU per year)Procurement of freight rate competitiveness based on global bidding
  • Global operational know-how Logistics operation and service by dedicated teams for over 13,000 global customersOperation automation and efficiency based on the latest RPA technology
  • Shipping partnerships and cooperative systems A strong network with over 60 domestic and international shipping companiesDirect communication channel with global shipping companies
  • Running an integrated maritime operations and control center Preemptive prediction of and response to irregular conditions(weather, port conditions, strikes, etc.)Improvement of service quality through risk management
  • Maritime IT System End-to-End Visibility provided through a dashboard in real time(Pantos View)Digital forwarding platform(PantosNow), etc.

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