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Our Action on Climate Change

LX Pantos is a total logistics company that fulfills its social responsibility through transparent and systematic sustainability management activities.

LX Pantos is committed to actively reducing GHG Emissions throughout the entire course of transportation.

LX Pantos is establishing a carbon neutrality roadmap and carrying out action plans for climate change.

GHG Reduction Roadmap

Mid- to long-term GHG Emissions by 2050

LX Pantos established the 2050 Net-Zero target by reflecting the country-level 2050 GHG reduction target (NDC: Nationally Determined Contributions) and is considering expected emissions and reduction measures. By 2030, we plan to fulfill our corporate social responsibility toward carbon neutrality with the goal of reducing emissions by 25% compared to 2022.

BAU(Business As Usual)
Emission Target
[Unit : tCO2eq]
100% of
Transition to
Switching to
Activities for the Reduction of GHG

LX Pantos plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by converting to eco-friendly vehicles and promoting greenhouse gas reduction projects. We are establishing GHG reduction plans for each business through intensification of logistics bases, conversion of means of transportation to rail transportation with low carbon emissions, improvement of vehicle loading rate, establishment of green logistics information system, and conversion to renewable energy, and are in the process of converting our owned or leased vehicles to 100% electric vehicles by 2030. In addition, by voluntarily joining the CDP(Carbon Disclosure Project), we actively disclose our greenhouse gas reduction performance and, as a leading logistics company, we plan to respond to climate change by continuously discovering and implementing reduction measures.

Manage GHG Emission

Response to the GHG Emission Trading Scheme and Energy Consumption Management

Designated as a company for the GHG Emissions Trading Scheme in 2020, LX Pantos sets the volume of GHG Emissions and manages it in accordance with the Guidelines for Reporting and Certification of Emissions from the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme (The Ministry of Environment No. 2022-279) and 2006 IPCC Guidelines. Also, we closely monitor and manage our energy consumption at all our business sites, including distribution centers, trying to reduce energy consumption in various ways.

GHG Emissions (Scope 1, 2)

Our GHG Emissions stood at 34,631tCO2eq in total as of 2022. The direct missions(scope 1) from trucks shipping cargo and employees’ vehicles amounted to 25,181tCO2eq which accounted for 73% of the total while the indirect ones(scope 2) emitted 9,450tCO2eq from the use of energy purchased such as electricity or city gas consumed at business sites made up 72%.

Criteria for emissions calculation: Calculated in accordance with the guidelines
on emissions reporting and verification of the Emissions Trading Scheme
(the Ministry of Environment Notification No. 2022-279) and the 2006 IPCC Guidelines,
and made them verified by a third-party agency.

  • Metropolitan area
    15,326tCO2eq in total
    Scope17,391 tCO2eq
    Scope27,935 tCO2eq
  • Chungcheong area
    4,180tCO2eq in total
    Scope13,817 tCO2eq
    Scope2363 tCO2eq
  • Honam area
    1,438tCO2eq in total
    Scope11,246 tCO2eq
    Scope2192 tCO2eq
  • Gangwon area
    1,261tCO2eq in total
    Scope11,142 tCO2eq
    Scope2119 tCO2eq
  • Yeongnam area
    12,183tCO2eq in total
    Scope111,378 tCO2eq
    Scope2805 tCO2eq
  • Jeju area
    243tCO2eq in total
    Scope1207 tCO2eq
    Scope236 tCO2eq
  • 34,631tCO2eq in total
    Scope125,181 tCO2eq
    Scope29,450 tCO2eq

Climate Change Response System

Climate Action Roadmap

LX Pantos has implemented the roadmap to attain green logistics, our efforts will continue to create a green logistics environment and provide differentiated eco-friendly transportation services by carrying out the action plans for environmental management.

Establish a system for logistics energy managementExecute the Energy Target Management System
  • Announce a green logistics management plan
  • Establish a system for logistics energy management (PEMS)
  • Stabilize an EMS
  • Execute the Energy Target Management System
Commence collaborative logisticsEmbark on businesses for green transition
  • Respond to the GHG Emission Trading Scheme
  • Implement collaborative logistics
  • Carry out eco-friendly businesses
  • Step up education and eco-friendly activities
Manage the indicators of ESG environmental evaluationTurn sustainable management into action
  • Establish environmental strategies
  • Carry out environmental management
    Manage energy/GHG EmissionsIncrease the use of hydrogen, electric vehicles/eco-friendly packing materialsManage the reduction targets for energy and water consumption and waste production
  • Voluntarily join the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
  • Assist local communities in environmental campaigns and intensify collaborative activities
“Green Logistics”Materiali-
Establish a green supply chainProvide eco-friendly servicesShip goods and operate ware houses in an environmentally friendly manner
Governance System for Climate Action

LX Pantos organizes a TFT composed of each business site and person in charge for company-wide green logistics activities, operates and manages environmental data occurring at each business site, and is responding to possible environmental issues together. In addition, the ESG team is exclusively in charge of GHG Emission targets and reduction management, and is in charge of implementation and management of overall environmental management.

CEOKey decisions and responsibilities related to climate change response
ESG team
Setting and managing
GHG reduction targets
Overall risk and
Discovering and
managing response
promotion tasks
W&D Business
Expansion of
logistics service
Proposal of
and route
Customer value
innovation office
Response to
Climate Action Strategy

LX Pantos has established a climate change response system aligned with the national energy and climate policies. To mitigate our carbon emissions, a variety of efforts will be made, including the shift to eco-friendly vehicles and the implementation of GHG reduction projects. Also, to become a leader in the global green logistics market, we will never relent in innovating our logistics system to come up with countermeasures to curtail emissions at our business sites and during the course of transportation.

  • Implementation of the Emission Trading System

    Organization of a response system for the emission trading system

    Advanced monitoring of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Promotion of Projects to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    Introduction of high-efficiency center facilities

    Expansion of new & renewable energy supply

    Discovery of local/overseas emissions reduction projects

  • Establishment of An Eco-Friendly Culture for All Employees

    Employee education on climate change

    Low-carbon footprint culture campaign

    Use of eco-friendly products

  • Promotion of The Global Green Logistics Market

    Optimized development of international transport routing

    Use of eco-friendly transportation services

Green Management

  • Excellent Green Logistics Company Certification

    By assessing the practical management scope and management system of eco-friendly logistics activities relating to logistics facilities and transportation methods, we have attained certification as an excellent green logistics company that contributes to the spread of eco-friendly logistics activities in the country.

  • ISO14001 Certification

    We constantly improve our environmental goals and comply with the global standard requirements and procedures related to the ISO14001 (Environmental management systems).

  • GHG MRV(Monitoring, Reporting, Verification)

    LX Pantos receives third-party verification of greenhouse gas emissions every year through a verification agency designated by the government. In order to calculate, monitor and manage Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, we set up our own dedicated team to establish and operate the MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) system for GHG calculation, reporting and verification, and are also reviewing and responding to reduction targets and plans.

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