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LX Pantos Logistics offers a comprehensive W&D(Warehouse & Distribution) service for various industries.


Through proper product storage, professional manpower, and connection with transportation networks, we offer cold chain services that are safe and reliable. LX Pantos Logistics is a well-prepared specialized healthcare logistics company. To conduct high-level quality management of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, we have established a dedicated team of professional personnel with KGSP and wholesale drug licenses that are essential for healthcare logistics. In addition, we are the only company in Korea that offers healthcare solutions based on the establishment of a nationwide delivery network with temperature control systems.

LX Pantos Logistics’ Healthcare

Qualifications and permits

Conducting quality processes that meet international standards, we are a professional healthcare company with KGSP license and ISO13485 certification that are essential for pharmaceutical and medical equipment logistics.

  • ISO 9001: 2015Rationale for a general quality
    management system
  • ISO 13485Globally certified GMP/GDP
    management for medical equipment
  • KGSPEstablishment of a quality system for distribution including pharmaceutical warehousing, storage, and shipping
  • Wholesale drug licenseCertified pharmaceutical distributor under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act in Korea
  • License to handle narcotic drugsCertified in the handling of phychotropic drugs such as warehousing, storage, and shipping
GSP Warehouse Facilities

Equipped with facilities that meet KGSP standards, we offer a management system that improves the quality of healthcare logistics services.

Insect and pest control equipment
  • Insect repellent lamp
  • Pest trap​
  • Air gun
  • Insect trap
Security facilities
  • Integrated CCTV control
  • Access rights management
  • CCTV
  • Emergency alarm system
Temperature control equipment
  • Air conditioning system
  • Temperature and humidity display
  • Power back-up
  • Temperature log
Cold-Chain Infrastructure

We have cold-chain warehouses and package solutions in compliance with regulations for medicines stored in refrigeration(biological products, etc.).

Landscape view of Anseong Logistics CenterDistribution center for refrigerated drugs
Storage areaAll areas under refrigeration(2℃ to 8℃)
Quarantine areaSeparate space for the storage and collection of damaged drugs
Passive BoxTransportation packaging and PCM packing for refrigerated drugs

Combining our nationwide delivery network with IT systems, we have created the only transportation visibility solution in Korea that enables temperature tracking in all route segments.

  1. Loading
  2. Delivery
  3. Unloading
LoadingLogistics Center
Refrigerated Drug Packing Process
  • Insert PCM after receiving goods
  • Foam box packing
  • Insert shipping certificate and waybill
  • Connect to temperature recording device
Logistics CenterDelivery
Real-time location information
Temperature graph by vehicle/box
Dashboard screen for administrators

Center Network

Healthcare infrastructure

LX Pantos Logistics offers healthcare logistics services via16 networks in Korea.

Seoicheon Logistics Center(W/H, Trucking)
  • Products handledMedicines, medical equipment and health functional foods
  • Temperature controlRefrigeration: 2 to 8 degrees
    Freezing: below -21 degrees
    Room temperature: 15 to 25 degrees
  • InfrastructureOperating area: 7,551 pyeong
    Storage capacity: 15,000 PLT
  • Qualifications and licensesKGSP, ISO13485

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for healthcare logistics

Introducing LX Pantos Logistics Healthcare(medicine/medical equipment) 3PL logistics service.

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Healthcare(Medical Equipment)
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